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The sunflower necklace is a unique jewel

For many years, the sunflower necklace has been one of the most popular jewels all over the world, mainly because of its beauty and uniqueness. Worn around the neck, this jewel is a unique accessory that reminds us of mother nature. Whether in summer at the beach, in autumn to go out with friends or simply at work, it is a timeless accessory that will perfectly fit the shapes of your face and enhance your look.

How to choose your necklace

Nowadays, the sunflower necklace comes in hundreds of models, of different lengths, shapes and colors… Whether you prefer to wear a pendant with a neckline or a choker, all combinations are possible! But how to correctly choose your necklace?

In order to choose your necklace, you have to study precisely your morphology, your size and your clothing style. The most important aspect is to respect the neckline, so that the jewel does not break the collar of your clothing. Indeed, if you wear a V-neck, a U-neck, a cowl neck or other, then wear it on your skin, and choose the chain or a pendant! Their advantages are their length and discretion, which will enhance your shape and your skin.

The necklaces will naturally bring out a more Bohemian style, which will suit free and confident women… Your morphology is also very important. If your neck is thin and slender, a choker could look great on you! If not, opt for a long necklace. Your size also plays on your choice: the smaller you are, the more complicated it will be to wear long chains and necklaces… The shape of your face can also influence the choice of the necklace. If it is rather elongated and square, opt for a short cowrie necklace, and the opposite case, if your face is rather round or heart-shaped, wear longer jewelry.

Now let’s think about the color and materials of your necklace: Stainless steel, gold or silver? It will depend on your taste! For example, pearls have a softer and warmer side, while stones will bring you a certain energy thanks to their litotherapic properties. For a flashier look, you’ll love sequins and crystals (quartz, zirconium…)! The season is also important. In winter, the fashion of the gold sunflower necklace has not said its last word! Who doesn’t like to remember their vacations at the beach? Go for thick mesh chains and stacked necklaces and wear cool colors like blue, black or silver.

If the weather warms up, go for brighter colors (pink, yellow, orange, light blue…), gold and silver. If you are a woman who loves the beach and the tumult of the oceans, you will be served because the sunflower pendant can take a thousand and one colors!

Finally, it is important to choose your sunflower necklace according to the occasion for which you want to wear it. For a wedding or a formal occasion, don’t hesitate to adopt the elegant style by wearing a sunflower pendant necklace, sober colors that lend themselves perfectly to a wedding. If you are going out with friends, let your femininity express itself with a sunflower locket necklace, which will guarantee a provocative but chic and elegant style. The choker is also a great gift for a birthday or Valentine’s Day! And for going to work, opt for a thin chain, preferably gold or silver, with a small sunflower hanging from the end.

Discover the meaning of the sunflower necklace

Giving a sunflower pendant to your beloved is not a trivial gift. Indeed, the fact that these flowers are constantly oriented towards the sun’s rays symbolizes infinite admiration. So if you decide to send some to your sweetheart, it means that you have eyes only for her. The message is therefore clear: this being so dear to your heart is your sun and illuminates your days. This beautiful gesture will illustrate your devotion and the intensity of your love. A sunflower jewel can also be offered to a simple friend. It will symbolize respect and admiration. This flower will bring joy and good mood with its yellow petals reminding the sunlight. This attention will be a pleasant surprise that will remain engraved in the memory of your recipient! Now that you know the meaning of sunflowers, what are you waiting for to give some to your loved ones and bring the sunshine into their home?

The history of sunflower necklaces

You may not know it, but sunflowers are an integral part of an episode in Greek mythology. It is the story of Clytia, a water nymph and lover of the sun god, Helios. The latter eventually falling in love with Leucothé, Clytie denounced her in a fit of jealousy to the father of the young girl, Orchamos. Furious, he decides to bury her alive. Hélios tries in vain to help her. Saddened and betrayed, he refuses to fall again in the arms of Clytie. It is then that she sits down naked on the rocks and lets herself die contemplating during days her beloved, the Sun. Slowly, her body takes root and metamorphoses until it becomes a sunflower.

The sunflower also has a particular symbolism in other cultures. Originally from Latin America, it was cultivated in Mexico around 2,600 years before Christ by the Aztecs, who considered it sacred. Indeed, this flower represents in their eyes the Aztec god of the sun and is used to decorate the temples. In the XVIIIth century, we discover in Europe its food virtues. Nowadays, the sunflower is cultivated in Central Europe, in the United States and in France in order to extract oil from it. This magnificent flower is also appreciated by florists for its beauty and the message it delivers.

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