Sunflower Earrings

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The sunflower earring, a superb piece of natural jewelry

To be worn on the lobe or cartilage of your ears, the sunflower earring is a wonderful piece of jewelry. Long neglected by women, it is now back in the spotlight, and comes in dozens of models, from simple creoles to pendants.

Gold, silver, copper, stainless steel or brass? The choice of sunflower earrings is often delicate, but is a matter of personal taste. Whether worn in rainy or sunny weather, this sunflower jewelry is as classy as it is original and natural, as it reminds us of nature and forests. Wear it for a wedding or at work, whether you have pierced ears or not!

Creole earrings or dangling earrings ?

Sunflower earrings are mainly divided into two families: the creoles and the dangling earrings. Of different sizes, thicknesses and diameters, they can be discreet or eye-catching. But which one to choose?

If you like discreet and simple jewels, then opt for classic earrings, piercing style or creole earrings that will gracefully adorn the earlobe. These timeless earrings are perfect for going to work, and should definitely be in your jewelry box.

On the contrary, if you like big designs, then choose a dangling earring, which will ensure an elegant style, for a wedding or a party. Some are complemented by tassels or feathers to give a wild and innocent side at the same time.

Usually adorned with gemstones and pearls, the sunflower earring is as refined as it is trendy. It can be gold, silver or colored, for a comfort and a solidity to all tests. For the clasp, you can choose between clips (studs or pins), chips (sliding buttons), sleepers, or hooks. If you like your jewelry a little more original, some of our products are set with crystals like quartz, amethyst or zirconium oxide.

Wear sunflower earrings with pride !

For an elegant and natural-like style, don’t hesitate to wear this trendy and timeless set on your ear.  In order to be 100% in the current trend, do not overload your outfit and choose your jewelry, accessories and clothes logically, for a classy result.

Creole or dangling, the pair of earrings with sunflowers is a luxury piece of elegant jewelry and a guarantee of freedom, whether it is oval, diamond or round. For women as for men, discover the novelties of our jewelry store, which can also be a great birthday gift.

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