Sunflower Bracelet

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The sunflower bracelet is an elegant jewel

The sunflower bracelet is a natural, classy and original jewel, which reminds us of the beauty of mother nature. Its materials are resistant and comfortable, perfect for a timeless style that defies all competition! Whether you wear it on your wrist or ankle, in winter under a wool sweater, in spring for a walk with friends, this sunflower jewel is a sublime piece to have at home in your jewelry box!

Made of gold, silver and often decorated with gems and pearls, it was used by many cultures to chase away bad dreams and bring good luck. It is a trendy and lucky accessory, a true symbol of nature.

A stunning choice of sunflower bracelets

No two sunflower bracelets are alike: whether it is its color, shape, clasp, materials or size, the possibilities are numerous. You will find bracelets with stones, pearls and stainless steel… Tied around the ankle with shorts, dresses or hemmed pants, or worn on the wrist with a long-sleeved t-shirt, you have the choice! If you’re into discreet jewelry, then opt for a fine corded bracelet, Brazilian style or a gold or silver chain that will embellish your arms or legs!

Nowadays, sunflower designs are used by jewelers to design unique and trendy sets. For women and men who are looking for a classic and elegant piece of jewelry, we can’t recommend anything better than a sunflower bracelet. Perfect for summer, these bracelets can be colored or plain! Their white and yellow hue make them delicate and precious, true symbols of the wide forests and nature.

The sunflower is a yellow flower that was used as a good luck charm. Indeed, it is a symbol of wealth, beauty, which will give you confidence in you.

How to choose your bracelet ?

In order to correctly choose your bracelet, you have to consider several points, including the size of your wrist or your ankle. To do this, nothing could be simpler: use a tape measure and measure it at the thinnest point. The jewel must not tighten the skin nor be too big and loose.

Your morphology is also important. For a round woman, with shapes, we recommend bangles, cuffs or large chains, which will highlight you. On the contrary, if you are slimmer, then opt for a thin charm or make a stack of bracelet!

When temperatures drop, we may be forced to throw away and abandon our sunflower jewelry… Wrong! They breathe joy and good humor… So why not wear them? Trendy all year round, it can be variegated (blue, green, pink…), sober (black, grey, white…) or shiny (gold, silver). In winter, choose rather thick sets, metal and silver, blue or black colors, while in summer the textile and cord bracelets.

And if you prefer to wear a piece of jewelry around your foot, then maybe a bracelet or an ankle chain made of gels will be more suitable. Whether it’s a chain or a leather cord, this type of adornment is essential to adorn yourself with a thousand colors!

Wear the sunflower around your wrist or ankle !

If you are going to a family party or an event with friends, let your femininity express itself by wearing a sunflower bracelet mixing various stones. On the contrary, if the occasion is more formal, opt for a fine mesh chain set with a simple design, for a casual look.

In order to be 100% in the sunflower trend, don’t overdo it. Choose your jewelry and your clothes logically, for a classy and trendy look, whether you are a street, Bohemian or city girl. Tied at the ankle or wrist, this natural bracelet will effectively complete your outfit, especially if it is accompanied by a necklace or a ring.

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