Sunflower And Bee Ring


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Get a sunflower and bee ring with a classic symbol of renewal for yourself or for someone else.

 The Sunflower and Bee Ring is much prettier than those ugly plastic rings that never actually turn into flowers when you wear them! Face it, we have a love/hate relationship with bees. But no matter what your feelings are, we all agree that they are our most favorite pollinators. Let’s celebrate the sun, the flowers and our beautiful bees with this Sunflower and Bee Ring! Our Sunflower and Bee ring is made from Silver, and features a center stone with a bee engraved on the back. This ring is perfect for any occasion, or simply order as a thoughtful present for friends and family. It’s an idea whose time has come, and it doesn’t need to be just a single floral decoration. They’re gorgeous, they’re original, and they make great gifts!

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